Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chicken and Duck Eggs

To galatama catfish fishing enthusiasts, I was just giving info I use a feed last night and got the most fish won. For bait tidah too difficult to find and not expensive

Friday, July 15, 2011


 Hello friends of friends galatama catfish fishing, I have this experiment for galatama catfish. Raw chicken meat mixed with egg yolk duck.

How to make it very easy, prepare the ingredients below: -Meat chicken to taste
Duck-egg yolks 2 eggs

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Experiment Galatama catfish bait, for those who have never been this bait (anchovies), I advice to try to bait them.
Search the fish is still alive, try not too big.
It is very easy: Put fish on the hook. If the small fish love fish 2-3, if rather large fish love 2 only.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Swallow Bird Eggs

  What's all the lovers of fishing Galatama, especially catfish. Yesterday aq find a new bait for catfish Galatama, namely Swallow bird eggs. For anglers who have never tried to feed it, try to find the eggs of birds are still young Swallow then enter into the fishing line and up to rupture. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Galatama Catfish Fishing Tricks

  To Galatama catfish fishing is not too difficult if you know the tricks atmosphere pond where the fish gather, but all were also supported by a good bait.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tube Worm

   Catfish fishing lovers, please try the caterpillars feed tube and duck egg yolks.
  How made: caterpillar tube is cut into 2 and then input into beaten yolk duck eggs that had been prepared.
  Good luck, hopefully get a satisfactory result

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bee Eggs

 for this one should have never been on trying to make catfish bait, the bee egg. Way to take bees from their nest egg and then steamed for a while though a bit loud. Good luck, hopefully buffer satisfactory results

Galatama Carp

Galatama who like fishing for carp, would love to feed the good info that is super white pellets mixed with DEHO TUNA.

Galatama Catfish Bait

Eggs of fish or chicken that has not so we can make Galatama catfish bait. How to make super pellets mixed with water to taste, not too soft.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Types of Fishing Essen

   In the fishing Galatama system, unique aroma essence oplosan be something very important in the final result. One of the key factors unique aroma oplosan essence you are the type / kind of scent your essence.
   My following list, the product essence our fishing rods, the choice of scent may rarely be found in stores - stores.

About Fishing

  Fishing for people who do not like is a matter that is considered less boring instead of work, but it is different for those who like or hobby, fishing is an art and has its own challenges to overcome such problem for the fish ate the bait that lured installed. The value of his art is at the buoy sinks and attract fish that have been caught in the hook.

   Disappointed and curious taste of fish that have been withdrawn if it can break away, he decided fishing lines (strings) can also occur when fish are found large and sharp teeth for example like pomfret fresh water because it is related to the Piranha therefore need a strategy to provoke him by wearing neckline is a coated wire strings.

Catfish Bait Galatama

  Just info for all who like fishing Galatama catfish. last night I went dolphin fishing Galatama catfish, using only bread bait I managed to get the most fish won.
  Method for production of feed is very simple really, just white bread mixed with warm water let the bread do not float when made ​​bait. Take some bread that is still intact then knead with water until the bread broken. squeeze the bread used for sprinkling into the pond for catfish can be gathered in a place that has been sprinkled with the squeeze of fresh bread.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tips and Tricks Fishing Goldfish

  To increase the sensitivity of carp bite, use super cords. This high-tech cords have a small diameter for the same strength in monofilament cords. Braided Line or cords this super low stretch properties (tenuous power / low elongation), thus increasing the sensitivity, ease its stuck mouth of the fish means not require a jolt that is too hard, small diameter enhance camouflage or in other words minimizing the shadow cords that can be seen fish . However it is strongly recommended this super cords to be combined with fishing rods and rollers are reserved for cords super to get the maximum performance, as an example of Spectra Spider Wire ~ 15 lb 10 lb test with Spider Spider Cast Cast Rod and Reel Mitchell SC 30 products. And the sensation of super cords can be optimally applied. But if you just want to feel the greatness of this super cords, please use a somewhat flexible rod, reduce pressure drag and play gently when jerking or playing fish.

Sniper Bait For Fishing Galatama

1. Try the grilled chicken is not overcooked and not mixed with flavoring ingredients, then chopped not too small.

2. Steamed carp do not be too mature / immature, then drained to reduce water fish from the steamer. If the steam is too ripe, the flesh of fish would be too easy to fade at the time made ​​bait, and when the steam is less mature, hard meat and meat separated from the thorns will be destroyed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Views of The Race Galatama

Suasana Pemancingan Galatama

Fishing Galatama Equipment

     The tools need to be equipped to follow the style of carp fishing Galatama this, some have been provided by the organizers, such as benches, Korang and drain. Who's the main equipment which must possess are as follows: 

   1. Fishing rod
      Fishing is the main equipment that is absolutely owned by the participants Galatama. Carp fishing Galatama system prioritizes teaching agility and speed in fish. All of that will be obtained if the selected fishing line has characteristics of fast taper that only a third of the curved rod tip (tip action). Such rod-type medium / M (medium), medium heavy / MH (was ~ weight) up to heavy / H (heavier). Ideal rod length of about 5'6 "~ 6 ', or about 168 ~ 180 cm, when the pond is often the distance between the stall and go pretty far pertengahannya it is advisable to choose 180 cm length of fishing rod to get the throw that far into the middle pond accurately. pencing convenient type of course is a spinning rod, which put your spinning reel on the bottom fishing. For minimum material made of carbon fiber can be selected to increase rod made from a mixture of carbon graphite and polyamide fiber, or all made from boron or kevlar. Specification than the fishing line is usually written clearly on the base of the fishing rod for this galatama such as the size of fishing line above were added on the line weight (class cords) between 6 ~ 15 ~ 20 lb to 10 lb and lure weight (weight of bait), type M 1 / 4 ~ 3 / 4 oz, MH 1 / 4 ~ 1 oz and H 3 / 8 ~ 1 1 / 2 oz. Other important criteria namely fishing rod which consists of a rod (one piece) with no connection or 2 sticks (two pieces) a connection, or a telescopic rod antenna type is not recommended. For the amount skelter (guides) or line cords that have a minimum of 5 select skelter for lighter weight evenly on all fishing rod or fishing line to choose from Daiwa Interline series & series Innerline from Shimano, which lines the cavity cords on Oran fishing rod so that the burden sharing can perfectly evenly, not easily tangled cords and no cords wear faster because of friction with the track has to be minimized. Examples of rod like this example of Daiwa ® Procaster ® Z ™ Interline Rods. While that has been proven toughness that is Shimano Speed ​​Master, unfortunately no longer circulating in the market, two rod pieces are characterized by fat at the base and all maritnya is on the shaft of the rod top. Other brands like this that can be encountered is the Golden Fish bantamweight type or Conato Black Moon. What a formidable conventional type can be selected from several well-known brands such as Berkley IM7, Iron Claw Fenwick, Daiwa, Shimano, All Star, G-Loomis and others, choose one that is considered ideal and appropriate for the choice entirely on the ability of anglers decision itself. As reference material can be found at Bass Pro Shop - Spinning Rods..

About Fishing Galatama

Carp fishing Galatama systems became popular in the era of the 80s. Galatama term used here is actually the world's football. The equation may be both an emphasis on the nature of competition. Not yet known who the originator of this title but certainly the idea came from the anglers themselves.Differences Galatama fishing carp fishing with other systems some of them such as:

* Fish do not take home the results of provocation but belongs to the organizers that after weighing  back to the pond, so arguably the fish that are fished in this Galatama former goldfish that has been hooked ever.
* When the implementation is very tight ranges from 2 ~ 2.5 hours is called round or rounds.
* Rules are strict fishing based on agreements with the organizers and the anglers who followed him.

Two Types of Fishing At Sea

Fishing From the mainland

There are several types of fishing from the mainland, among others:
1. SURFISHING (Fishing from shore) 
Usually done on a sandy beach, and SPINNING is a common device used here. Can also use other types of devices, depending on the type of fish you want. Small crabs, marine worms, shrimp, sliced ​​fish, the fish live and artificial bait also can be used as bait. On the potential locations, you may be able to lure large fish.
2. PIERFISHING (Fishing from the pier) 
Fishing from the port, timber wharf or retaining wave. Most anglers from the dock to do it for recreation, also brought along their families. But Andapun should try it, because it is not impossible to get the big fish like sharks, manta rays, white snapper, etc.. A common tool used was a type SPINNING, because it is easy to use. Decoys are used together with SURFISHING.
3. ROCKFISHING (Fishing from the rocks) 
From the name it is clear that fishing activities conducted from the location of a rocky reef. I once watched a movie about fishing from the rocks, and as an inducement targets are Marlin fish. Marlin is not a common target in ROCKFISHING, and I've never seen before and was very thrilling and exciting. Usually at ROCKFISHING can get bigger fish when compared with SURFISHING and PIERFISHING. Both devices and bait used was the same as SURFISHING and PIERFISHING, but the fishing activities carried out from the craggy coast are also a bit steep and difficult to achieve in some locations.

Fishing Equipment

 BOX fishing line (tackle BOX)Very handy to carry all your equipment for fishing in the sea. Various options and models of this brand fishing box. I recommend buying a not too small, as you will buy again and buy again because of your fishing box too small. At least 40-60cm long.

Make sure all your fishing equipment (other than rod) to enter freely in your box.


Fishing is one person's hobby or one of all, where the hobby that many people enjoy this one. and hobbies are also often spoofed as 'pangedulan' in Sundanese and the 'lazy' in everyday language.

Yet behind all of it like fishing a lot of benefits and can change a person's character, could make people are more patient, focus / concentration, generous, gentle and dear family.