Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fishing Equipment

 BOX fishing line (tackle BOX)Very handy to carry all your equipment for fishing in the sea. Various options and models of this brand fishing box. I recommend buying a not too small, as you will buy again and buy again because of your fishing box too small. At least 40-60cm long.

Make sure all your fishing equipment (other than rod) to enter freely in your box.
Nikelin or wire is available in all stores fishing rods, used for fishing sharp-toothed fish like barracuda, mackerel, etc.. For fishing in
go Pulau.Seribu, use a SOFT number 25-30.

 Kili - Kili
There are two types: swivel pin and swivel usual.
Get used to always wear swivel connection cords in each of the rope guide (leader).
The main benefit is to reduce the twisted cords.

 TINTin / ballast commonly used is the number 1-3-5-8, and use the form of elongated / like a bullet, because it forms a round tin / oval,resulting in spinning cords.

 SABIKI / corkscrewSabiki hook is a series of several (at least 5 hooks) are made so attractive, resembling fish food so quickly grabbed the fish with this rod series. SABIKI usually very effective for fishing bait fish such as: small opening song, kite, bloating, como, etc.. For fishing these fish use the number 5,6,7. For this type, price range 5000-15000 thousand.

 KENUR (LINES)The common and fit for use is the size of 80-20 lbs. For this kenur brand selection, up to you and adjust your financial condition. I myself would use 80-10 lbs
cords class for basic fishing (red snapper, kuwe, grouper) and koncer fishing (mackerel / alu-alu).And I prefer to use the cheap, the capacity of 1000-2000m per rolnya, so it can freely replace any cords

 Rollers (REEL)In this case you simply need a capstan rollers Spinning is a good Type: lightweight, have at least 3 wheel bearings (ball bearings), the more the better, kenur capacity of 200-400m. For equipment for this one, applicable adage: Money never lies, so you do not buy the rollers are half-hearted, especially not from a reputable brand such as: Shimmano and Daiwa. Better to save money used to be enough to buy it, rather than disappointment and regret.
I am personally very suitable and fitting to use the size of 3000-4000 to enjoy the attraction and sensation, and the size of 6000-8000 to find the turnover (of fish to fill the fridge)

 Rod (ROD)

 fishing rod should be without a connection (one piece), or a maximum connection of two (two pieces).
The material used is glass fiber, Carbon, Graphite, Boron or Kevlar. The ideal rod length between 120 cm to 180 cm. The size of the commonly used range from 5 '6 "~ 6' (5 feet 6 inches to 6 feet) around 168 ~ 180 cm, usually the size is on the rod body. Brand most common are: Shimano, Daiwa, Fenwyck, Berkley etc..
Get used to choose a light rod and a little stiff (fast taper) for fast and accurate response.
And for the selection of this rod, it's up to you and in accordance with your buget. I recommend choosing a less expensive, and certainly not a telescopic for maximum results.

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