Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sniper Bait For Fishing Galatama

1. Try the grilled chicken is not overcooked and not mixed with flavoring ingredients, then chopped not too small.

2. Steamed carp do not be too mature / immature, then drained to reduce water fish from the steamer. If the steam is too ripe, the flesh of fish would be too easy to fade at the time made ​​bait, and when the steam is less mature, hard meat and meat separated from the thorns will be destroyed.
3. Pellets are mixed with egg super chicken / duck

4. Grilled eel cut into small pieces

5. Sea ​​worm

Please try, may be useful and can raise a super big fish


1. Strategies Bait goldfish by using 30 young maize cobs, cassava 1.5 ounces, 0.5 young coconuts, 1blok Kraft cheese, Roombutter Weijmans to taste, 5 duck eggs,
 How to make: All ingredients in the mix until evenly distributed then wrapped with aluminum foil. Steamed with boiling water in a state when the dough in the insert, approximately 2 hours over low heat.

 2.Strategies bait goldfish using fresh marine fish 1-2 tails (tuna / mackerel / snapper) Just take the meat, duck eggs 4-5 eggs (egg yolks take only), milk-white Dancow two sachets, potato tuber seed to squeeze 3-5 bait.
 How to make: all the ingredients except the tuber steamed until cooked potato, mashed potato tubers. If the ingredients are steamed cooked, then mix the potato tuber.
  Please try, may be useful

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