Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fishing Galatama Equipment

     The tools need to be equipped to follow the style of carp fishing Galatama this, some have been provided by the organizers, such as benches, Korang and drain. Who's the main equipment which must possess are as follows: 

   1. Fishing rod
      Fishing is the main equipment that is absolutely owned by the participants Galatama. Carp fishing Galatama system prioritizes teaching agility and speed in fish. All of that will be obtained if the selected fishing line has characteristics of fast taper that only a third of the curved rod tip (tip action). Such rod-type medium / M (medium), medium heavy / MH (was ~ weight) up to heavy / H (heavier). Ideal rod length of about 5'6 "~ 6 ', or about 168 ~ 180 cm, when the pond is often the distance between the stall and go pretty far pertengahannya it is advisable to choose 180 cm length of fishing rod to get the throw that far into the middle pond accurately. pencing convenient type of course is a spinning rod, which put your spinning reel on the bottom fishing. For minimum material made of carbon fiber can be selected to increase rod made from a mixture of carbon graphite and polyamide fiber, or all made from boron or kevlar. Specification than the fishing line is usually written clearly on the base of the fishing rod for this galatama such as the size of fishing line above were added on the line weight (class cords) between 6 ~ 15 ~ 20 lb to 10 lb and lure weight (weight of bait), type M 1 / 4 ~ 3 / 4 oz, MH 1 / 4 ~ 1 oz and H 3 / 8 ~ 1 1 / 2 oz. Other important criteria namely fishing rod which consists of a rod (one piece) with no connection or 2 sticks (two pieces) a connection, or a telescopic rod antenna type is not recommended. For the amount skelter (guides) or line cords that have a minimum of 5 select skelter for lighter weight evenly on all fishing rod or fishing line to choose from Daiwa Interline series & series Innerline from Shimano, which lines the cavity cords on Oran fishing rod so that the burden sharing can perfectly evenly, not easily tangled cords and no cords wear faster because of friction with the track has to be minimized. Examples of rod like this example of Daiwa ® Procaster ® Z ™ Interline Rods. While that has been proven toughness that is Shimano Speed ​​Master, unfortunately no longer circulating in the market, two rod pieces are characterized by fat at the base and all maritnya is on the shaft of the rod top. Other brands like this that can be encountered is the Golden Fish bantamweight type or Conato Black Moon. What a formidable conventional type can be selected from several well-known brands such as Berkley IM7, Iron Claw Fenwick, Daiwa, Shimano, All Star, G-Loomis and others, choose one that is considered ideal and appropriate for the choice entirely on the ability of anglers decision itself. As reference material can be found at Bass Pro Shop - Spinning Rods..
2. Rollers
      Rollers are comfortable to use for carp fishing Galatama system is spinning reel, a coil located spulnya cords or open in front. Combined with the fishing rod suitable spining. Choose the real with the best quality for durable and resilient in its use. Who became a consideration in choosing a real material the rollers are made of strong but lightweight graphite, the amount of wheel bearings (ball bearings) at least 3 pieces, gear ratios (gear ratio) of at least 4:1 and brake spool (drag) the elements well. For the election where the drag, preferably located in front (front drag). Criteria extensive list of real rollers can be viewed on the home page Fishing Fish Mas - Equipment. Ril rollers very important role in fishing, so please be selective in choosing which ones fit and suitable for those wishing to Galatama. Examples are real tough Daiwa Tournament SS 700, the real front drag has 3 ball bearings with a gear ratio of 4,9:1. Furthermore, the Shimano Stella, real is relatively expensive because it has 13 ball bearings plus 1 roller bearing make this real to roll smoothly because the mechanism is neutralized friction wheel bearings become very small. Fishing an expensive device is not aimed at raising the prestige angler but viewed from the quality factor and very functional. Brand and other types are also good and quite economical as Shimano Ultegra series, Biomaster, Twin Power, Symetre & Stradic, type Daiwa Emblem, Regal, Golden Fish Hyperspin, Wonder, Mitchell and others. 

   3. Cords
      Because Galatama use glosor series then you should choose a color cords flourecent (fluorescent) to keep the eye comfortable watching cords. Orange or neon green color of the most widely in use. cords diameter size between 0.22 ~ 0.28 mm, the smaller the size the better sensitivity but very risky if the hooked fish must interesting. So ideally should be used where the size of 0.28 mm because it is quite safe. Always check conditions before going fishing cords would likely have been worn due to friction or due to frequent land a fish. But avoid using a reversed because the former cords cords at the bottom of the rollers sometimes become curly, unless an emergency situation because supply is low, the price of the more expensive cords and so forth. Buy from well-known brands that are guaranteed quality, some brands including Berkley, Fenwyck, Maxima, Platypus, Siglon and others. Currently has many outstanding cords super (braided, multifilament) which was very small diameter on the strength of greater than ordinary monofilament or cords. But please keep in mind that their use is also adjusted on the rollers and rod-called super well, if not then the device or a real fishing rod would be reduced shelf life. As an example of ordinary fishing line cords super combined, so hooks are usually hard curve will be flexible because not able to keep cords. 

   4. Fishing Series
      Provide hooks are made from carbon with no 5 or 6. Provide a series of hooks which contains 3 hook as many as 10 pieces. hook is corroded or has blunt ends should not be used again, prepare a new course. Unless you can create your own series of fishing rods, just order at the stores that provide services fishing rod assembly. It may also buy ready-made series of fishing rods, but sometimes less satisfied because anglers hook sometimes too small in size or small leash. Brands hook a decent quality used are:-Vanadium VMC Hooks, Eagle Claw, Gamakatsu, Owner, Mustad, Daiichi, and so forth. Have a short-handled fishing pond.
   5. Bumper
      Scout rope (leader) who were given a weight in Galatama called a bumper. Prepare the box of 10 pieces of equipment. Bumper that is so can be bought provided in accordance with the permitted size. Or bundle it out, provide a hook fastener cords 20 cm long, tie one end with a special pin hooks and enter the last bunch of lead weights and the other end with swivel (swivel). Use of lead ballast whose size has been determined fishing oval shaped with a hole in the middle. Try to lead to shifts in the rope. 

   6. Mat hooks
      Because the circuit glosor and to secure the rod so as not to splash the fish taken, the angler Galatama prepare a pair of saucer / forked rod (rod rest). Made of stainless steel shaped like the letter "Y" with stem length 50 cm. Can be made yourself or bought it on a welder at the fishing shop. 

   7. Feed Ingredients
      Feed it can be purchased at places such as fishing soft pellet, pellet bombs and so forth. But for the aroma fragrance (essence) should be bought in supermarkets, markets or in the fishing shop, for collection of scent to be complete. The smell of perfume can be a paste or liquid, except that the pasta will usually change the color of the bait but sometimes necessary to change the color of the bait. Being a liquid scent is stronger and durable in the bottle and do not change the color of the bait. Some aroma fragrance collection box required for fishing among which the pasta, whatever may be its brand with the scent of vanilla, pandan, mocha coffee, jackfruit, cords and coconut milk. As for the liquid, which is fine with the scent produced Diva like Tutty frutty (fruit juice), banana (banana), pineapple (pineapple), coffenoire (coffee), coconut (coconut), strawberries and seafood (fish flavor). Another scent that is sometimes needed choya brand shrimp extract. Complete any required to be available. Be creative and experiment with combinations of flavor, who knows the right bait to get potions and telling, good luck!

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