Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Types of Fishing At Sea

Fishing From the mainland

There are several types of fishing from the mainland, among others:
1. SURFISHING (Fishing from shore) 
Usually done on a sandy beach, and SPINNING is a common device used here. Can also use other types of devices, depending on the type of fish you want. Small crabs, marine worms, shrimp, sliced ​​fish, the fish live and artificial bait also can be used as bait. On the potential locations, you may be able to lure large fish.
2. PIERFISHING (Fishing from the pier) 
Fishing from the port, timber wharf or retaining wave. Most anglers from the dock to do it for recreation, also brought along their families. But Andapun should try it, because it is not impossible to get the big fish like sharks, manta rays, white snapper, etc.. A common tool used was a type SPINNING, because it is easy to use. Decoys are used together with SURFISHING.
3. ROCKFISHING (Fishing from the rocks) 
From the name it is clear that fishing activities conducted from the location of a rocky reef. I once watched a movie about fishing from the rocks, and as an inducement targets are Marlin fish. Marlin is not a common target in ROCKFISHING, and I've never seen before and was very thrilling and exciting. Usually at ROCKFISHING can get bigger fish when compared with SURFISHING and PIERFISHING. Both devices and bait used was the same as SURFISHING and PIERFISHING, but the fishing activities carried out from the craggy coast are also a bit steep and difficult to achieve in some locations.
IN THE MIDDLE SEA Fishing (Offshore)

   Fishing from the sea there are also some kinds of techniques that can be done:
1. BOTTOM FISHING (Fishing Association ) 
 Fishing from the boat is at anchor above are considered potential locations such as clusters of coral, tubiran, etc.. Using the weights (usually made of tin) to sink the bait to the bottom of the sea. Bait commonly used include shrimp, live fish, slices of fish, marine worms, etc.. You can use the device type as you wish. At the location of a potentially big fish, you should use a conventional type. You will have a long fishing lines as well as middle-class kenur using conventional type. As for the smaller fish would be more fun if you use the type of spinning or baitcasting.
2. Jerking (Fishing pounding ) 
 Similarly, the fishing association, the difference lies in the bait used. Fishing ngotrek using artificial bait for a given ballast to sink to the bottom of the sea. And the bait they will usually resemble small fish, worms, shrimp, etc.. Throwing the bait and then stalling kenur to bait down to the sea floor, then roll kenur while moving the rod to create a movement to make it look like live bait. After the bait to the surface drowned feed back, then roll again. Similarly, repeated until there are fish bait tsb. A common tool used is the type of spinning, baitcasting and conventional.
3. Kite FISHING (Fishing using a kite) 
 Fishing from a boat by using a kite to keep the bait at a certain distance. And also to keep the bait to stay on the surface of the water, because this technique is usually done to catch the fish surface (palagis). Some anglers even use snares to catch fish. The device is usually used is the type of spinning, and besides using a kite can also use the balloon.
4. Drifting 
Can be interpreted away the bait or boat, both will cause the same effect. The best bait is live bait used by using the device type of spinning, baitcasting or conventional. There is also the angler who did this to find a cluster of coral surrounded by fish lure. Once there is a bait, usually at the site and cast anchor at.
5. Trolling (Fishing Tonda) 
Using live bait or artificial bait fresh and also is common in this technique. Usually feed on Helah behind a boat moving forward at a certain speed. It is recommended to use conventional tools, because the fish usually target the fish that are large.

In addition to fishing techniques that have been mentioned above there are other fishing techniques that can be done either from the beach / dock or at sea, namely:

Popping (Fishing with poppers)
Using artificial bait called Popper, who was thrown at a certain distance and then rolled up so the bait moves kenur surface while causing splashing and splashing sounds that invite predators. This technique is effectively carried out if the fish game playing surface. Devices that are used are generally kind and Spinning Baitcasting.

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