Wednesday, April 20, 2011

About Fishing Galatama

Carp fishing Galatama systems became popular in the era of the 80s. Galatama term used here is actually the world's football. The equation may be both an emphasis on the nature of competition. Not yet known who the originator of this title but certainly the idea came from the anglers themselves.Differences Galatama fishing carp fishing with other systems some of them such as:

* Fish do not take home the results of provocation but belongs to the organizers that after weighing  back to the pond, so arguably the fish that are fished in this Galatama former goldfish that has been hooked ever.
* When the implementation is very tight ranges from 2 ~ 2.5 hours is called round or rounds.
* Rules are strict fishing based on agreements with the organizers and the anglers who followed him.

Still the same with other fishing activities for fishing Galatama also requires high technique and creativity, resulting from the constraints of rules and strict time earlier. So although the pond was used Galatama stocked fish do not make very many activities that one is made easy because of the high desire of each fisherman to compete.But the fierce competition it only happens when the race or in a round Galatama, excluding, of course, be established familiarity among fellow anglers. It may be that participants Galatama is the angler who has been a subscription or routinely visit these ponds. This is not a constraint for those who just want to jump into fishing Galatama system because keep in mind that tolerance angler who has long Galatama jump is very high. Do not be shy or awkward when you have not many know the techniques and ethics Galatama, will whet your experience in order to be a reliable Galatama.
Once again, it should be emphasized here that the carp fishing Galatama system is still the same as other fishing anywhere in the world because the basic techniques he uses are fishing with a creativity that will be created by itself. 
avoid Galatama assumption that fishing is not as a gambling arena like so many other people assuming because of the results obtained as champion will not be comparable to the cost which ever issued. So coming to the arena Galatama is the angler who has a high will to compete and want to hone their technical skills to have. Especially in this current era where the price of farmed fish and the others make the higher Galatama arena as the right choice for those who want to feel the resistance of fish and want to keep honing skills fishing. And do not forget that fishing is considered by some a la Galatama freshwater anglers, especially carp anglers as the top level of the other fishing events have been followed.From Fishing Fish Mas Galatama system, we wish you good fishing Galatama and greetings to all fishing enthusiasts in Indonesia and have fun fishing to the anglers all over the world.


  1. In my place there is also a fishing galatama.
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  2. thanks boss ...
    Galatama there any kind of fish?