Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Fishing is one person's hobby or one of all, where the hobby that many people enjoy this one. and hobbies are also often spoofed as 'pangedulan' in Sundanese and the 'lazy' in everyday language.

Yet behind all of it like fishing a lot of benefits and can change a person's character, could make people are more patient, focus / concentration, generous, gentle and dear family.

Why is that?
- patient: those who like fishing more patient than people who have not patiently waited hobby proven fish stuck in the coil which may spend long hours.

- focus: always focus / full concentration when she first threw the bait until it struck the fish hook,

- indulgent: as always to feed the fish with foods that are expensive and delicious-delicious

- meek​​: weak in terms of tired because of long hours stuck waiting for the fish and soft in the sense when no one else who comes to fish and many people have asked me the results, so that requires her to buy it at the fish market and this shows the love family, because the fish could although families can buy food.

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