Friday, April 22, 2011

Catfish Bait Galatama

  Just info for all who like fishing Galatama catfish. last night I went dolphin fishing Galatama catfish, using only bread bait I managed to get the most fish won.
  Method for production of feed is very simple really, just white bread mixed with warm water let the bread do not float when made ​​bait. Take some bread that is still intact then knead with water until the bread broken. squeeze the bread used for sprinkling into the pond for catfish can be gathered in a place that has been sprinkled with the squeeze of fresh bread.

  There are also other recipes:
1.-Fresh Bread
    Egg-yolk duck given the same bit of shrimp paste
    Then mix until evenly distributed.
2.-Crumbled bread + orange + many little Buavita kara.
    - Worms pure
    - Pellets + kara
    - Wheat bread + kara
    - Bread torn sweet
     How to manufacture:
    -Pure-worm directly to the hook.
    - Pellets + Kara = + stirred mixed together evenly.
    -Kara-flour bread + = + stirred mixed together evenly.
    -Directly to the hook-Bread.
  Good luck recipe above. Hopefully can get a lot of fish.

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