Friday, April 22, 2011

About Fishing

  Fishing for people who do not like is a matter that is considered less boring instead of work, but it is different for those who like or hobby, fishing is an art and has its own challenges to overcome such problem for the fish ate the bait that lured installed. The value of his art is at the buoy sinks and attract fish that have been caught in the hook.

   Disappointed and curious taste of fish that have been withdrawn if it can break away, he decided fishing lines (strings) can also occur when fish are found large and sharp teeth for example like pomfret fresh water because it is related to the Piranha therefore need a strategy to provoke him by wearing neckline is a coated wire strings.
   Rural areas are still many nuances found fishing pond even sometimes in the trenches there is any edge of rice fields are fish that can be lured although small, if lucky cork bias can fish or catfish with a decent size.

   With simple equipment consisting of a bamboo fishing rod string and hook, the people in the township (arguably amateur) used to fishing in a river and lake without requiring substantial capital, but all it's beautiful when it's done with pleasure

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