Friday, April 22, 2011

Types of Fishing Essen

   In the fishing Galatama system, unique aroma essence oplosan be something very important in the final result. One of the key factors unique aroma oplosan essence you are the type / kind of scent your essence.
   My following list, the product essence our fishing rods, the choice of scent may rarely be found in stores - stores.

1.) Bubble gum essence
2.) Cucumber essence mas
3.) Basil essence
4.) Musk essence
5.) Green tea essence
6.) Aloe vera essence
7.) Blueberry essence & pasta
8.) Geranium essence
9.) blackcurrant essence
10.) Garlic burns essence
11.) Blackberry essence
12.) Sirih essence
13.) Cinnamon essence
14.) Tomato essence

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